CliniXy and Morphind

Artificial Intelligence for human good

CliniXy is a Clinical Research AI Driven platform to make real Precision Medicine, discovering biomolecular therapeutic targets.

Morphind is a Convolutional Neural Network boosted by a fuzzy logic algorithm capable of predicting sequences of aminoacids with high affinity to those targets that must be neutralized.


Precision Medicine

Clinical Research AI Driven

The only way to achive a safer and efective medicine is to determine the biomolecular element that causes a disease. This is Precision Medicine drawn by a multidisciplinary work of clinicians empowered by Artificial Intelligence through CliniXy platform.


The Biotechnology Revolution

Designing specific molecules that neutralises the reason of a disease is the goal of the Biotechnology

Based on proteomics and mutagenics, Morphind AI can predict aminoacid-based proteins that bind with high affinity to another molecule.


Advanced Artificial Intelligence

Applying advanced AI for Research and Devolepment is the way

Save costs

Accuracy and optimization reduce the effective costs of errors and overload tasks

Bigger together

Join clinicians from different areas of expertise to achieve a deeper knowledge.

New products

The researchers' work is not only intellectual property in a paper, but also patents for the pharmaceutical industry.


Technology makes possible unaffordable tasks for humans, computing and correlating information to launch hypotheses and verifying conclusions.

Save lives

Each interaction with the platform is an action to achieve a medication or a treatment against diseases that cost thounsands of lives every day.

Privacy and secureness

It exploits anonimously the clinical data to extract information that can be usefull for researchers. No private data is shared neither distributed to third parties.

Come on-board

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